2019 Masters Raffle

Thursday, April 11th, 2019

Thank you all for your participation and support for the MLSE Launchpad Project.

image Are you a golf fan or perhaps someone in your family is? Have you always wanted to go to the Masters? Of course you have, but it's expensive right?

No direct or connecting flights into Augusta, you have to rent a car and drive 2 hours from Atlanta.

Then there's the Motel 6 with a terrible continental breakfast for $900 a night? The price of a ticket costing $2,500 from a scalper all the while hoping the day pass is legit.

Sure, once you get through the gates the beer is only $3.00 ($3.75 for an imported Guinness) and a pimento cheese sandwich costs only $1.50, but man it can take a lot of money to get through those gates in the first place.

What if you had the chance to be there for as little as $40?

Here's an opportunity to participate in a raffle for a Masters experience with the intention of raising money for the MLSE Launchpad Project through the Maple Leaf Sports + Entertainment Team Up Foundation.

What you Need to Know:

- Draw will take place once all 300 tickets are sold. Likely around March 8th.
- All participants will be contacted with the name of the winner.
- Attending the Masters requires a high level of decorum/behavior from winner.
- The name drawn does not necessarily have to attend.
- I will not be participating in the draw.

What will your 1 day Masters Experience include:

- Departure from Toronto Pearson airport on a private charter to Augusta.
- Watch Round 1 of the Tournament.
- Access to a Hospitality House for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
- Fly back that night to Pearson Airport from Augusta.

Basically everything is included in this package, so you won't have to open your wallet unless you want to buy a souvenir or two. You must cover your own transportation to and from Pearson (which will also require two hotel nights if you're from out of town).


- Only 300 tickets will be sold. Cost $40 each.

How can you get your ticket(s)?

If you wish to buy tickets, the preferred method of payment is via an Interac E-Mail Money Transfer from your online bank account.
Send payment to: goforthegreengolf@gmail.com

Credit Cards payments are accepted subject to a transaction fee of $3.
Please email to request invoice to: goforthegreengolf@gmail.com

PayPal payments are accepted subject to a $3 transaction fee.
Send payment to: goforthegreengolfpools@gmail.com

Tickets will be allocated in the order of payment received. Once all 300 are sold that's it. You will receive email confirmation of participation only. No hard ticket will be issued as there is not enough time to get them delivered to you.

Good luck and thank you in advance for your support of the Launchpad project.